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Candle & Crystal Co: About


This is me, Emma, the founder of Candle & Crystal Co - a new mum with a baby born in a pandemic and a year round candle lover.

As I mentioned I LOVE candles and whilst pregnant, I researched the effects of burning candles and was shocked to discover that when you light a paraffin wax candle, dangerous pollutants fill the air, consequently causing harm to both our bodies and environment. In addition, paraffin wax comes from the oil refinement process and is therefore a non-renewable resource.

I then spent months researching, designing and product testing to create something very special...

Our candles are hand-lovingly made with the best ingredients. From the 100% pure soy wax (a natural alternative which burns without pollutants), the natural fragrance oils, to the genuine (UKGE Certified) crystals.


Our packaging, business cards, labels, you name it, are all made from recycled, sustainable materials.

Our candle dust covers have proven to be a major selling point. Made from recycled waste paper, they are embedded with 'bee loving' wildflower seeds that you can plant at home. When planted, the biodegradable paper ensures no waste is left behind.

Candle & Crystal Co. strives to be a natural, eco-friendly company that creates luxury gift-boxed candles to keep us balanced in every day life.

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